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Digital Biomarkers

Date: November 21st 5 - 6pm CET

Digital acoustic biomarkers are a type of digital biomarker that use sound to detect changes in the body. They can be used to monitor respiratory health, cardiovascular health and other conditions. Motion-based digital biomarkers, on the other hand, use motion sensors to track physical activity and movement patterns. Both types of digital biomarkers have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.


MCI: acoustic

vs motion based 

In this round table we will interview the CEOs of two companies that have developed an evidence base illustrating the ability of their digital biomarkers to identify mild cognitive impairment (or MCI which can be a precursor to dementia). Whilst addressing the same medical challenge, we will explore how and why the companies used two different types of biomarkers and the commercial application of these initiatives.

Business Meeting

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