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Why is digital health so challenging? Why do so many businesses struggle? Why won't some digitally-enabled products and services scale?

Whilst business models and growth strategies present real challenge, one of the most critical success factors is "engagement". It's a key element of digital health and yet it's a poorly defined and often misunderstood term.

Is engagement the same for apps as it is for devices? Is engagement with a service the same as for a product? Is engaging with an organisation the same?

Engagement is a slippery subject however, the field of digital health is beginning to get to grips with this ambiguous topic. 


engagement: A critical success factor

November 16th 4pm - 6pm CET

3 expert speakers will offer their insights and experiences into the topic of engagement within the field of digital health. Their aim will be to stimulate discussion amongst our senior and international delegation through panels and 1:1 interviews.

This event will feature our usual mix of speed networking, discussion rooms, live music and expert interviews. We will aim to capture "group think" about what engagement is through a series of live polls

As such, the opportunity to learn and network with an international delegation of experts and decision makers will be accompanied by a valuable and perhaps unique output, "for our delegation only".

registration & JOINING

DHV-Leaders events require registration in order to participate.  

You can register and obtain a ticket using the button below.

Please note: Non-members are allowed to register for one event without charge in season 4

(Sept 23 - July 24).  You will be invoiced a sum of 189 Euros if you register as a non-member for a second event. By registering you accept the event policies available for review during the registration process.

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