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season 4 speakers

This seasons line up of Expert Speakers...   so far.

Event schedule

The line up for season 4

Date: September 12th 2023 4pm - 6pm CET

We'll use the insight from our expert speakers to stimulate discussion about the likely impact of AI on healthcare by 2026. Key points will be created and shared by the delegates from which a white paper will be derived and distributed to the delegation after the event. Features speed networking & discussion rooms.

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Date: September 20th 5pm - 6pm CET

Few people will have missed the adverse headlines surrounding digital therapeutics in 2023. In this fascinating roundtable, we'll help our delegation interact with our expert guests to understand the likely trajectory of the DTx market.


Date: October 12th 4pm - 6pm

Large pharma has played a critical role in the development of digital health as it has sought efficiency and competitive edge. We'll hear the thoughts of our expert guests on the evolving role of pharma and ask our delegates to participate in a live survey which will form the basis of a report to be shared only with the delegation.


digital biomarkers:

approaches & applications

Nov 21st 5pm - 6pm CET

In this roundtable session, senior executives from two companies who have developed an evidence base in MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) will help the delegation understand the pros and cons of using movement and acoustic digital biomarkers.

engagement: essential for success

Date: November 16th 4pm - 6pm CET

Often poorly defined and misunderstood, engagement is one of the most important success factors in digital health. Join us for plenty of insight & discussion in what promises to be one of the our most lively sessions to date!


A regulatory review of digital health

Date: December 7th 4pm - 6pm

This year has seen significant regulatory activity in digital health with new laws and guidance affecting key sector activity including AI, DTx and clinical trials. Join us for the last session of 2023 as we review the year that was and into the year ahead.

annual strategic review

Date: January 17th 4pm - 6pm CET

Our annual review has become one of the cornerstones of the DHV Leaders season. Last year's predictions from our expert guests have proven to be unerringly accurate. We'll look back at 2023 and then forward again in this flagship event.

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the future role of avatars & conversational agents in healthcare

Date: TBC

Avatars and conversational agents do not just act as novel user interfaces but offer the potential for novel therapeutic approaches. We'll explore this rapidly evolving space with the help of 3 thought leaders with very practical approaches to this fascinating topic.


Date: TBC

Charities and NGOs have a critical role to play in scaling digital health.

We invite delegates to a roundtable discussion with two leaders from the third sector to understand how to effectively engage and work with such organisations.


Scaling digital health

Date: TBC

Recent headlines have illustrated the challenging environment for digital health companies. This session aims to explore the issues and opportunities associated with both wellness and regulated approaches.

xr technologies:

all along the hype curve

Date: TBC

VR based pain management is well established and well reimbursed however many XR technologies are far from this enviable position. With the help of industry leaders, our delegates will gain new insight into why some XR offerings are market ready and why commercial success is a distant prospect for others.


digital health's greatest challenge

Date: TBC

An epidemic of our time, addressing loneliness presents an opportunity to make a significant medical impact as we are just beginning to understand its affect on our physical and mental health. This event will bring the digital health community together with leaders from other fields to promote much needed innovation and collaboration.

digital transformation vs digital health

Date: TBC

Often misunderstood and easily confused, this event will help our delegates understand the difference and complimentarity between these two important terms. Our expert speakers will share their insights and experience of dealing with the challenge and complexity presented by embracing one or both together.


the future of healthcare part i

& the future of healthcare part ii

Date: TBC

Led by Hicham Naim (Takeda) to coincide with his book release "Crossroads: How to Steer Towards a Healthier Society, a Thriving Planet, and a Brighter Future," these two related events will explore the future of healthcare by following a structured process.

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