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 digital vocal biomarkers 

june 23rd 3-5 pm (cest)

Digital biomarkers have become an established and credible aspect of digital health. At the leading edge of this field is the discovery of vocal biomarkers; patterns within digital audio signals of our own voices that may be predictive, prognostic or diagnostic. Join us for this intriguing session where we will explore the cutting edge of digital health with experts working at the forefront of this most fascinating topic.

This will be a highly interactive event based on DHV-NET's unique format and aims to provide an understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with digital health & vocal biomarkers through expert interviews and by connecting you to leaders and experts in their field.

Our monthly networking events are are invite only such that we attract a rounded, high quality delegation. We cover key themes in digital health as well as therapeutic areas. Our events are different and engaging, scoring an average of 90% from delegates for "how useful" and 92% for "how engaging".  


We welcome experts and decision makers from all types of organisations (free of charge). If you meet these criteria please click the button above and register your interest on the LinkedIn event site (we will then contact you).

Please note: our events are always oversubscribed and we give priority to "new faces" to keep the network fresh. 

featuring guest speakers

Dr. Liz Kwo

Vladimir Despotovic

jim harper