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OUR next event

Doctor in Hospital Corridor

should you invest in dtx?

march 27th 4pm - 6pm CET 2023

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featuring guest speakers

dr richard pratt

Pilar Fernandez Hermida

john grumitt

Digital Therapeutics (or DTx) has become an established field within digital health. It has moved from a concept to an evidence-based approach with reimbursement mechanisms in place and an increasing number of partnerships between start-ups and the pharmaceutical industry. DTx has yet to realise its potential and many issues remain for entrepreneurs, healthcare providers and corporates. As such, we will explore the question "should you invest in Dtx? to highlight some of the dilemmas for those seeking to advance this worthy field.

This will be a highly interactive event based on DHV-NET's unique format and aims to provide strategic insight into the complex field that is digital health through expert interviews and by connecting you to leaders and experts in their field.

Our monthly DHV-Networking events attract a rounded, high quality, international delegation and cover key themes in digital health.  DHV-NET creates a professional and relaxed environment to enhance learning and networking, scoring an average of 90% from delegates for "how useful" and 92% for "how engaging".  


We welcome experts and decision makers from all types of organisations. Please register your interest on the Linkedin event site and we will then send you registration details. We welcome non-members, offering one free ticket per season, such that everyone can be involved. If you'd like to be a regular delegate, please ask about DHV-NET membership.

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upcoming events


digital health & loneliness: Revisited

date tbc

DHV-NET first visited the theme of loneliness and digital health in spring 2021 and we revisit this topic as we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic. Surveys indicate a rising tide of loneliness which will impact on physical and mental health. Digital health has the opportunity to play a significant role in connecting us whilst improving our health and well being but addressing loneliness has proved a challenge to date for the digital health community. What kind of digital health initiatives exist in this space and are advances in AI, AR and VR set to provide new opportunity?

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