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at the centre of an
international innovation ecosystem

We attract an ever changing cohort of leading experts and decision makers to our networking and discussion events. DHV-NET members sit at the heart of this international ecosystem rapidly building new connections with leading innovators and learning from those working at the cutting edge. 

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With a background in consultancy, the founders of DHV-NET often spent days collating current and accurate information to provide detailed and holistic perspectives on aspects of digital health. Building on this experience, DHV-NET informs its members with bespoke reports and curated reading lists related to the themes of the monthly networking events. This provides comprehensive but easily digestible information and analysis combined with essential briefings for those short on time. We also provide access to searchable, curated information sources to support in-depth reading at your leisure.


Our aim is to provide a green, effective and time efficient way for organisations to develop and maintain an understanding of digital health whilst promoting collaboration and adoption through access to high quality, international networks.