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Digital health is broad and complex, segmented but interrelated and evolving rapidly. As such, organisations need current and trusted information, continual learning opportunities and high-quality engagement with leaders in the field. Whether your emphasis is on learning  or networking there is a DHV-NET membership package that offers the right blend and focus to help your organisation build and maintain its interests in digital health.

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The DHV-NET Enterprise Premium package combines comprehensive learning and continual networking across the spectrum of digital health. Our Enterprise Select package provides the same blended approach but is focused on your choice of 6 from the 11 themes per annum. The Network Premium package provides access to all events and limited access to learning and Information resources, ideal for those who need a broad range of high-quality connections. Our Network Select package enables members to select 6 themes from 11 per annum to provide focus to their networking activity.


For those who need to build and/or maintain their knowledge of this complex and rapidly evolving field, the DHV-NET Reader package provides access to an array of learning and information resources.

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