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why engage with the
digital health virtual network?

change & innovation

Since the beginning of the pandemic DHV-NET has developed a uniquely interactive, online format to bring together an international audience of experts and decision makers to network and learn around core themes in digital health. Join the DHV Leaders Club events to grow your network, build new relationships and further your professional interests.

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Our events are typically viewed between 2,000 and 5,000 times. Between 100 and 300 professionals from Europe, the US and beyond register their interest in attending which helps to build our global network. In addition, the DHV ORACLE is becoming the primary information source for a rapidly growing number of professionals.

Our website, Linkedin pages and news letters help to grow our subscribers and followers. If you need to engage with our network, we would be happy to discuss the multiple options available to enhance brand awareness, market testing or any aspect of your business that requires outreach.


Digital health offers the potential to create sustainable healthcare systems in the face of significant challenge. Ever increasing costs, a global shortage of healthcare workers, an ageing population and the rise in life-style associated disease threaten to overwhelm our current systems at a time when we need to deliver affordable healthcare to more people. DHV-NET has created a model that connects and informs professionals who want to accelerate the change to sustainability through innovation using digital technology. The model also helps to reduce the impact of professional activity on climate change and offers a freemium level of engagement  as well as high value services  to create a truly useful and sustainable business model in these challenging times.

Keeping up to speed with digital health is difficult. Entering this field is more challenging. DHV-NET can help you understand the key aspects of digital health, how they interact and how the sector changes through its learning resources. If a structured approach to developing your interests in digital health is required, our tools and experience can help develop bespoke strategy for your organisation.

contacts & relationships

strategy & resources

global outreach

effective online experience

DHV-NET has delivered unique and highly engaging events from our beginnings in the darkest days of the pandemic. Since an initial pilot in 2020, we have been reading, trying (occasionally failing!) and learning about all the elements necessary to create an engaging and effective online experience. Always starting with the objective in mind, we can share our experience and knowledge to help you develop online meetings and events for internal and external audiences "that deliver".


Many thanks for your enquiry!

we can help...

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Find partners and collaborators

  • Support market testing

  • Find new leads and new business

  • Access innovation

  • Fill senior positions

  • Develop a career enhancing network

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