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A plan for digital health and social care


Digital transformation of health and social care is a top priority for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England (NHSE). The system’s long-term sustainability depends on it. We are directing this document at leaders in the health, social care and technology sectors so that together we can succeed in laying the foundations of a brighter digital future by 2025 and beyond.

Taking the right national and local decisions on digital now will put the health and social care system in a position to deliver the 4 goals of reform identified by the Secretary of State. The system will be equipped to:

prevent people’s health and social care needs from escalating

personalise health and social care and reduce health disparities

improve the experience and impact of people providing services

transform performance

This document consolidates the different national digital goals and investments detailed in separate sector strategies and guidance into one single action plan for achieving these goals on 4 complementary fronts.


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