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Accelerating and Enhancing Behavioral Health Integration Through Digitally Enabled Care

ABOUT THIS REPORT The American Medical Association (AMA) and Manatt Health Strategies (Manatt Health) gathered a diverse working group of stakeholders representative of physician practices and health systems, large employers, health plans and patient advocates to meet twice during the fall of 2021 to contribute to and inform the development of this report. This report summarizing the working group’s proceedings was jointly developed by the AMA and Manatt Health and builds on the AMA’s ongoing efforts to advance effective and sustainable behavioral health integration (BHI), including the BHI Collaborative, and the AMA Return on Health Framework for measuring the comprehensive value of virtual care. Notably, this report acknowledges yet does not attempt to address broader health care issues that impact the quality of care more generally such as social determinants of health and access to broadband internet, among others. The goal of this work is threefold: 1. Define the opportunities and limitations to incorporating technology to advance BHI; 2. Define practical solutions that stakeholders—physician practices and systems, health plans and coverage programs (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid), federal and state policymakers, employers and private or publicly-traded behavioral health companies—can pursue to advance digitally enabled BHI; and 3. Demonstrate how to use the Return on Health Framework to measure the value of digitally enabled BHI models.

AMA Behavioral and Digital Health
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