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AHRQ Digital Healthcare Research ANNUAL REPORT

About this Report

This report summarizes the research activities and outcomes funded by the AHRQ Digital Healthcare Research Program in 2020. The objective of the report is to support AHRQ stakeholders, including clinicians, health systems, policymakers, researchers, and patients to:

Learn about the goals of research funded by the Digital Healthcare Research Program.

Discover the innovative health technologies developed and tested by AHRQ-funded researchers, including new and emerging research funded in 2020.

Understand how the Digital Healthcare Research Program improves healthcare quality and safety at the patient, provider, and health systems levels.

Gain insight from the spotlighted work that underscore the patient, provider, and healthcare systems focus of every AHRQ-funded research project.

Access knowledge and products disseminated by AHRQ’s Digital Healthcare-funded researchers to enhance knowledge transfer and the replication of successful strategies that improve patient safety and healthcare quality.


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