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AI trends to watch in 2022

Protecting virtual worlds. The $67B AI chips race. Weeding out deepfakes. We break down the top AI trends to watch in 2022.

The era of machine learning has arrived.

As commercial applications of AI scale rapidly, businesses are looking to become “AI-first.” Meanwhile, AI is playing an ever-larger role in mainstream media and politics — from moderating content in virtual worlds to detecting deepfakes of prominent political actors.

To predict where the tech will go next, we identified 7 emerging AI trends, fueled by factors like privacy concerns, metaverse hype, and cutting-edge research and investment from big tech companies.

In this 27-page report, we look at:

The corporates using synthetic data to protect privacy

How Google is improving its search engine with multimodal AI

What metaverse worlds are doing to combat hate speech and cyberbullying

The vendors competing in the AI chips race

And much more


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