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AI watch, national strategies on artificial intelligence

The Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of efforts to put the European AI vision into practice. It presents a concrete and unified set of key actions and defines focus areas. The 2021 review of the Coordinated Plan builds on the lessons and experience gathered in the implementation of its first 2018 edition. This AI Watch report provides an in-depth comparative analysis of national AI strategies in Member States, Norway and Switzerland, and assesses how national strategies contribute to the achievement of the goals of the reviewed Coordinated Plan. One of the recommendations of the Coordinated Plan is the encouragement for all Member States to develop their national AI strategies. On 1 February 2022, 23 Member States and Norway published national AI strategies, while four others are still in progress. Four countries have updated their initial AI strategies. This demonstrates Member States’ commitment to develop strategic visions for AI with concrete policy actions and investments. Moreover, all countries recognise the importance of evaluating progress of

strategies’ implementation and of updating them on a regular basis, although just a few countries have explicitly set out specific plans to carry out this assessment so far. The main takeaway of this report is that the EU and Member States are on the right track to seize the benefits and promote the development of human-centric, sustainable, secure, inclusive and trustworthy artificial intelligence in Europe. This conclusion emerges from an in-depth comparative analysis of the national strategies in the categories and priorities agreed between the European Commission and Member States in the 2021 review of the Coordinated Plan, as outlined below.

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