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An Emerging Alternative Healthcare System

Whilst the digitisation of our existing healthcare systems is evident in the move towards electronic health records and integrated data sets, the transition to healthcare delivery which can address the challenges of an elderly population and rising incidence of chronic disease is a more protracted process. Large complex organisations, operating in heavily regulated environments with risk averse, process driven cultures do not change quickly. The ability of small companies to innovate and reach the

market through retail outlets is, however, a long established dynamic. It

should perhaps not have been a surprise to see digital health on the high

street in the form of fitness trackers before digital health percolated into

the complexity of established healthcare providers. What may appear to

be a fad consisting of mobile apps and wearables with more hype than

value is the first real indication of seismic shift in global healthcare.

This report aims to provide a new perspective by piecing together well

known aspects of digital health to describe a trend that is likely to dominate the market in the coming years. It provides little description of the digital health market and its associated dynamics and therefore relies on D Health’s previous insight reports to provide reasoning and context for

the predictions contained within the following text. With this in mind, this brief document describes the beginning of a rapid growth phase where genuine growth will begin to replace hype and potential

An Emerging Alternative Healthcare System July 16
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