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Bayer: G4A "Grants for apps" 2021 annual report

Introduction Letter from Jeanne Kehren, SVP Digital & Commercial Innovation, Chief Information Officer Bayer Pharmaceuticals & Member Pharmaceuticals Executive Committee of Bayer AG Dear Digital Health Experts, Founders, Investors, and Friends of G4A, For the first time externally, I have the pleasure to introduce to you the G4A Annual Report in which the G4A team showcases their work and highlights as well as major 2021 achievements adding to Bayer’s digital health capacity, value, thought leadership, and digital health ecosystem orchestration. At more than 100% YoY funding, 2021 will likely go down in history as the year that catapulted digital health out of what some have perceived as a purely niche or nascent market. In this special year for the digital health landscape, many G4A portfolio companies did benefit from these positive market developments and were able to find new investors to continue accelerating their business or engage in new partnerships with other innovative companies to advance their solutions. Collectively, G4A’s alumni companies have been able to raise a total of $769.5M in 2021, reaching a combined valuation of $3.65B. I am thrilled to share with you another important milestone for the G4A team. 2019 G4A Advance Track alumni Blackford Analysis signed a development and license agreement with Bayer Radiology end of 2020 to jointly develop a medical imaging platform for radiology suites, which will integrate AI applications into the medical imaging workflow supporting complex decision-making processes. This is a perfect illustration of our G4A ecosystem supporting Bayer’s business ambitions. Reflecting on this past year, we also want to give our sincere appreciation to everyone who has been supporting G4A, including the G4A Steering Committee and Growth Track coaches and countries worldwide. We are proud of all the achievements this report highlights and are even more thrilled to begin the year ahead that will present new opportunities for G4A and Integrated Care as one team. We will change to an open cycle application model allowing digital health companies to join G4A’s Digital Health Partnerships Program throughout the whole year and we will host the third edition of the Digital Health Forum in June. Please join me in congratulating the G4A - IC team for their great achievements and join us this year as we continue working towards “Health For All Through Digital Health”. Sincerely, Jeanne Kehren SVP Digital & Commercial Innovation & Chief Information Officer

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