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Building digital innovation capacity at a large academic medical center.


Academic medical centers (AMCs) today prioritize digital innovation. In efforts to develop and disseminate the best technology for their institutions, challenges arise in organizational structure, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and creative and agile problem solving that are essential for successful implementation. To address these challenges, the Digital DesignLab was created at NYU Langone Health to provide structured processes for assessing and supporting the capacity for innovative digital development in our research and clinical community. Digital DesignLab is an enterprise level, multidisciplinary, digital development team that guides faculty and student innovators through a digital development "pipeline", which consists of intake, discovery, bootcamp, development. It also provides a framework for digital health innovation and dissemination at the institution. This paper describes the Digital DesignLab's creation and processes, and highlights key lessons learned to support digital health innovation at AMCs.


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