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ChatGPT and the Role of Technology in the Mental Health Crisis

So is it ready? No, of course not. But will it be so and very soon? Absolutely. Chances are that its application when it comes to workplace mental health and what it can do to revolutionise the realm of chatbot coaching is gargantuan as well, but with every other piece of technology, it will only be as fast and as good as we drive it to be and the forces that will influence it will undoubtedly be firstly commercial although I can’t help but hope that smart governments everywhere are rallying to work out how it could help the mental health epidemic. Am I hopeful they will consider how the World Health Organisation has been all but begging them to step up the measly 2% of health budget investiture to resolve the chronic global shortage of mental health resources on account of ChatGPT? Not entirely, no, but hope springs eternal.

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