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DHV-ORACLE Super-Users

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

For users that have bespoke needs, it is possible to create new word tags, new category channels and to focus the ORACLE engine on new content sources to help "super-users" find the information that they need.

  • The DHV-ORACLE engine is focused on hundreds of online news portals, scientific journals and influencers that publish digital health-related content. At the request of super-users, the engine can be focused on additional sources to more thoroughly reflect their interests. The editorial board can also, at the request of super-users, select this content for inclusion into the ORACLE feed,

  • Tags are helpful to highlight terms that don't easily lend themselves to key word searches or that cut across the themes of the category channels. For example, the search term "market dynamics" will recover limited useful information from key word specific searches even when coupled with specific digital health related terms. Either new individual tags or clusters of tags can be introduced at the request of superusers to identify news articles, white papers and scientific publications that relate to these terms by clicking on the tag icon in the tag menu.

  • Category Channels are useful to access related content by digital-health related themes. The nature of categories has evolved over time and will continue to do so as the sector changes. New category channels can be included at the request of super-users.


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