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Digital health investors stress fundamentals: “The world has changed”

The digital health investment market is past its peak.

While the final tally for Q2 2022 is still being tabulated, the total will be significantly smaller than Q1’s $6.6 billion, which itself was lower than the total from Q4 2021. As of June 27, venture capital funding for Q2 2022 totaled $3.8 billion, which is on track to be the lowest quarterly total in two years, according to Digital Health Business & Technology’s data.

What’s particularly striking is that large-sized deals, those valued at $100 million or more, have seen a sharp decline. In Q1, there were 17 large-sized deals. In Q4 2021, there were 22. In Q2, there have been eight, and five of those came in early April. Average deal size in Q2 has been around $26 million; in Q1 it was $31 million; and in Q4 2021 it was $41 million.


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