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Digital Health Sales and Marketing... Stop Wasting Money

Investment in Digital Health Companies Has Exploded Over the Last Year.

In 2021, $29 Billion Was Invested in Digital Health Companies.

The Year Before, It was $15 Billion. Ten Years Prior in 2011, It Was Only $1.2B

Over That Span of Time, $85.6 Billion Has Been Invested in Digital Healthcare Companies in Total.

Problem: Patients Have Not Necessarily Seen an Improvement in Their Health and Healthcare Commensurate with That Tremendous Investment.

Inadequate Understanding and Execution of Effective Sales and Marketing of Digital Health Solutions is Partly to Blame.

There are 3 Separate Sales and Marketing Funnels in Digital Health that Must be Mastered:

1. Employer Funnel

2. Broker/Consultant/Carrier Funnel

3. Plan Member Funnel

All 3 Must Be Successfully Addressed.

Learn How in This Video.


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