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Drive sustainable Progress: The healing power of data(digital twins)

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In 2022 we are becoming more and more dependent on machines in our decision making — to analyze weather data to make forecasts, on apps that sift through our spending to help us budget, or through our growing reliance on the computers in our cars that help us drive safely. Particularly in the area of medical research — where they are increasingly used to make decisions on treatment options for patients with long-term conditions — when harnessed correctly, data and analytics can be powerful tools in driving forward progress outside of the limitations of our thinking power as humans. Machines can model millions of different scenarios in an environment that poses no risks to humans or animals, and can also be used to investigate scenarios that would not technically otherwise be feasible. One promising example of this is digital twin technology (also known as PBPK*) in clinical trials, an emerging area of medical research that shows huge potential in helping to accelerate the process of finding treatment options across multiple disease areas.


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