• steve41187

Ecosystem Thinking

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Some key points from a paper focused on business ecosystem leadership:

"To succeed in business ecosystems, organizations must excel in a highly complex level of relationship management."

"Mindsets that are anchored in zero-sum thinking and that pursue egocentric advantage are incompatible with the win-win attitude that is indispensable for successful ecosystem engagement."

"Successful ecosystem engagement also requires a different level of organizational design sophistication that recognizes and addresses the interplay between the larger system dynamics and the structures, systems, processes, and culture of the individual organization."

"The diseases of the 20th century organization are antithetic to the requirements of ecosystem formation and leadership."

"Ecosystem participation (will become) a unique strategic and organizational learning opportunity, a transformational force that reverberates back and challenges the very essence of a company’s identity. "

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