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European Commission and WHO/Europe sign €12 million agreement to strengthen health information syste

The European Commission and WHO Europe have joined forces in a significant collaboration, signing a €12 million agreement aimed at fortifying health information systems and enhancing health data governance and interoperability in Europe. Key components of this initiative include a focus on strengthening health data governance frameworks and promoting interoperability for seamless data exchange. The partnership underscores a commitment to leveraging technology and data-driven solutions to improve public health outcomes and addresses existing challenges in healthcare information management.

Key Points:

  1. Financial Commitment: The agreement involves a substantial €12 million investment to support the initiative.

  2. Health Data Governance: A primary focus is on strengthening health data governance to ensure ethical, secure, and transparent management of health-related information.

  3. Interoperability Enhancement: Efforts are directed towards improving interoperability, facilitating smooth communication and data exchange among diverse healthcare entities.

  4. Technology and Data-Driven Solutions: The collaboration underscores a commitment to advancing public health through the strategic use of technology and data-driven solutions.

  5. Public Health Impact: The initiative aims to empower healthcare professionals with timely and accurate data, contributing to evidence-based decision-making and ultimately enhancing healthcare outcomes across Europe.


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