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H1 2022 digital health funding: Two sides to every correction

Coming off the launch ramp of 2021, digital health founders, funders, and corporate execs were anxious to see the sector’s 2022 trajectory. The first quarter of this year signaled the beginnings of a market cooldown and spurred inquiries regarding frothiness in digital health funding. As we close H1 2022, it’s safe to say that froth has turned to fade. With $10.3B raised this H1, 2022’s overall funding is on track to land around $21B1, significantly less than 2021’s total ($29.1B). And after 23 public market exits in 2021, digital health public exits came to a halt in H1 2022 (zero startups went public2), and a few publicly-listed digital health companies returned to private holdings.

But as the saying goes, there are two sides to every (market) story. Though this year’s funding will fall far short of last year, 2022 digital health funding is nonetheless on track to outpace funding in 2020.


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