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Healthcare AI in a year: 3 trends to watch

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, a mental health crisis, rising healthcare costs, and aging populations, industry leaders are rushing to develop healthcare-specific artificial intelligence (AI) applications. One signal comes from the venture capital market: over 40 startups have raised significant funding—$20M or more —to build AI solutions for the industry. But how is AI actually being put to use in healthcare?

The “2022 AI in Healthcare Survey” queried more than 300 respondents from across the globe to better understand the challenges, triumphs, and use cases defining healthcare AI. In its second year, the results did not change significantly, but they do point to some interesting trends foreshadowing how the pendulum will swing in years to come. While parts of this evolution are positive (the democratization of AI), other aspects come with less excitement (a much larger attack surface). Here are the three trends enterprises need to know.


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