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It’s no secret that technology continues to shape the healthcare industry, providing new avenues for the delivery of patient care, the management of patient records and more. Demonstrating its wide impact, healthcare technology isn’t always patient-facing nor directly applicable to care contexts. In fact, some of the most significant innovations involve the use of technology in a more behind-the-scenes capacity, including in the training and development of clinical professionals.

Gamification techniques, in particular, have provided new channels for instruction and professional development among doctors, nurses and other clinicians. These platforms and techniques draw on the tropes and structures of video games, but employ them in a more focused educational context.

One of the best ways to learn about the use and impact of gamification techniques in healthcare education is to connect with a forward-thinking online healthcare degree program, where the latest innovations are made central to the student experience. The right education can provide a valuable familiarity with gamification technologies, and prepare students to implement these technologies efficiently and meaningfully.


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