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How to Succeed in Business Ecosystems A Capability Framework for Business Ecosystem Leadership

Introduction Our recent research about Organizing for Business Ecosystem Leadership1 generated significant interest among senior business executives. The respondents from our global survey as well as the business leaders who participated in the subsequent mini-think tank that we hosted, emphasized the importance of the topic for their organizations and confirmed their interest in future research in this domain. This high level of interest in business ecosystems is not a surprise. As digital technologies disaggregate existing industries and value chains, companies are faced with transformation challenges and growth opportunities that requires them to ‘jump’ across conventional boundaries that used to define their ‘space’. They are forced to form novel alliances and partnerships to complete a value proposition, design a compelling business model, or gain access to a new market. The challenges of engaging in this new universe are substantial and can be daunting for organizations. Despite the current hype around the topic, we still have a limited understanding of the inter-organizational dynamics between the participants of an ecosystem and the capabilities required to successfully leverage its potential. The framework we present in this paper is an effort to close this gap.



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