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How we can transform healthcare by moving from pipeline to platform

Healthcare is a highly complex sector that has been difficult to change.

Transformation must address the need for more cures, scalability, healthcare equity, cost, data privacy and AI in healthcare.

For transformation to address these issues and be sustainable, healthcare must move from a pipeline business model to a platform-based model.

Around the world, healthcare has struggled with uneven access and quality for decades. Although patients, providers and payers are all calling for change, the healthcare sector has been largely resistant to outside disruption.

Therefore, to spur transformation, we must first change our thinking. We must move from traditional, linear pipeline-service-model thinking to a platform approach, which brings together longitudinal medical data, producers and consumers to co-create a new healthcare paradigm that fundamentally changes how we provide healthcare and advance cures.

To do so, I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of healthcare providers like Mayo Clinic and others – who balance the complex emotional and data-driven components of healthcare decision-making with our patients every day – to work with complementary partners to lead patient-centered transformation that addresses not only access, cost and quality but also scalability, equity, data privacy and artificial intelligence’s (AI) emerging role in medicine. At Mayo Clinic, our novel vehicle for healthcare transformation is Mayo Clinic Platform, which may serve as a blueprint for the global transformation of healthcare.


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