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Identifying individual enablers and barriers to the use of digital technology for self-managemenT


Evidence suggests that much of the digital technology available and provided to older adults to enable self-management of long-term conditions is under-utilised. This research focuses on three conditions prevalent amongst older adults: diabetes, dementia and chronic kidney disease and explores the individual enablers and barriers to the use of digital self-management technology. The paper reports findings from a series of three systematic reviews of qualitative research (qualitative evidence syntheses). These reviews informed the design of a Delphi study. The first round of the Delphi involving 15 expert interviews is reported. The findings highlight common themes across the three conditions:

how technology is used; barriers to use; assessing individual needs when selecting technology; support requirements; multi-functional self-management technologies; trust, privacy and data sharing; achieving accessible and aspirational design. Some emerging recommendations have been suggested to guide the design, and provision of technology to older adults. These will extended and refined through subsequent rounds of the Delphi method.


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