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Intelligence-Based Medicine

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Intelligence-Based Medicine is a new open access journal that aims to create meaningful synergy between practicing clinicians and others (computer scientists, data scientists, engineers, cognitive scientists, entrepreneurs, etc) in deploying methods of artificial intelligence and human cognition in the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare. The topics encompass new dimensions of medicine and healthcare relevant to artificial intelligence (including but not limited to medical imaging, decision support, precision medicine, robotic process automation, etc) as well as relevant topics that focus on intelligence in medicine and healthcare (such as virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, 3D printing, wearable technology and embedded AI, ethics and bias, etc). The primary focus of the journal is on the clinical perspective and translation of emerging technologies into care practices and patient benefits.

The journal is intended for all clinicians as well as bioinformaticians and data scientists with artificial intelligence and data science interests and backgrounds. The journal welcomes research from all medical domains, with special focus on current AI-focused fields (such as oncology, radiology, surgery, genomic medicine, pathology, epidemiology, neurology, cardiology and critical care medicine). We welcome original research articles, review articles as well as reviews of hot topics, opinions and case reports.


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