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Journal of Digital Imaging

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The Journal of Digital Imaging (JDI) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). JDI's goal is to enhance the exchange of knowledge encompassed by the general topic of Imaging Informatics in Medicine including, but not limited to, research and practice in clinical, engineering, information technologies and techniques in all medical imaging environments.

Topics of interest to the readers of JDI include the following as they pertain to the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of imaging information in healthcare to efficiently and effectively improve access and quality:

PACS and component systems

Imaging informatics for the enterprise

Image-enabled electronic medical records

Integrating mobile technologies

RIS, HIS and other clinical information systems

Digital image acquisition, transmission, storage, display and interpretation

3D (e.g. printing, modeling, display)

SIIM Workflow Initiative in Medicine (SWIM)

DICOM and other standards


Imaging vocabularies and ontologies


Workflow and process modeling and simulation

Protocolling and appropriateness

Structured reporting

Speech recognition

Content-based image retrieval

Meaningful use and legislative issues

Decision support

Radiation dose management


Archiving and information lifecycle management

Network integrity and data security


Facilities design

Project management

Quality assurance

Online learning

Imaging informatics education

Papers that report on validation and implementation of informatics technologies and tools will be given precedence over papers that simply describe image processing algorithms, stand-alone evaluation of image analysis tools, and/or technology descriptions without validation or implementation.


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