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Monitoring Gamification in International Patent Documents: Technology Classes, Firms and Preliminary


We monitor the trend of gamification in international patent documents. Being widely discussed in technology related fields, no prior study analyzed how this concept is actually represented in patents. Using the databases from EPO and USTPO we identified 76 distinct patent documents relating to gamification. Currently 30 of these patent documents are granted. We find that there is a rising number of patent documents with almost ninety percent filed by corporations. Most of the corporate applicants derive from US firms. The largest share of patents is filed by SAP AG. Further, the identified documents have been found in three basic technology classes (IPC). From a preliminary value perspective, 26 patent families indicate that there may be valuable patents. Few patent transactions indicate that firms have used their gamification-related patents to secure loans. Our analysis provides necessary information for gamification by analyzing technology classes, firms and preliminary value indicators.


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