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Revolutionising the payment for digital solutions for patients Urgent need for new payment models to

About Once the acute phase of Covid-19 has passed, the NHS will need flexible and innovative approaches to tackle demand and manage the pressures in the health and care services. Many people are looking to digital tools to revolutionise the way health and care is delivered, including facilitating an increased emphasis of supported self-management by patients. Much of the recent focus in NHS innovation has been on the importance of clinical evidence of effectiveness of digital applications. Whilst this is a vital component in demonstrating value, this promising opportunity will be lost if we do not also tackle the financial and practical aspects of how these products are to be purchased and paid for. The Health Innovation Network and DigitalHealth.London are keen to help the NHS and innovators make the most of this opportunity, through collecting insights and opinions from subject matter experts over the last few months. This paper intends to stimulate the debate whilst setting out the key opportunities and challenges if the NHS is to make the most of the potential for fundamental improvements offered by digital tools.



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