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Sharing health data and information1

across stakeholder groups is the bedrock of a learning health

system. As data and information are increasingly combined across various sources, their generative

value to transform health, health care, and health equity increases signiϐicantly. Facilitating this potential

is an escalating surge of digital technologies (i.e., cloud computing, broadband and wireless solutions,

digital health technologies, and application programming interfaces [APIs]) that, with each successive

generation, not only enhance data sharing, but also improve in their ability to preserve privacy and

identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks. These technological advances, coupled with notable policy

developments, new interoperability standards, and the launch of innovative payment models within the

last decade, have resulted in a greater recognition of the value of health data sharing among patients,

providers, and researchers. Consequently, a number of data sharing collaborations are emerging across

the health care ecosystem.


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