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Special report: Digitising mental health care

Just how effective is digital mental health support and intervention? Dr Kate Bunyan, chief clinical innovation officer at Doctor Care Anywhere, shares her expertise to answer the key questions

What do we mean by mental health?

Put simply, it’s everything that isn't your physical health. So how you feel about things, how you're processing things, how you relate to the world around you, and to other people, are all parts of your mental health. We all have physical health, we all have mental health, it's the other side of us; we are two sides of a coin.

I think the term ‘mental health’, until probably quite recently, has been used in not a very positive way. I think now people have an appreciation, probably like never before, of what it is and that we all have it. We have good and bad times with it

I think people are starting to recognise within themselves that mental health is a spectrum, it's not something you switch on and off. So ‘mental health’ isn't ‘mental health illness’; mental health illness is a huge smorgasbord of different conditions, just like physical illnesses are a big collection of different things.

People are recognising that within themselves they move along that spectrum of feeling well to not feeling well, and that doesn't mean they need to have a diagnosis for it.

I think the feeling of understanding a little bit more, that mental health is something that we all handle, has really come through since COVID


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