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The emerging influence of digital biomarkers on healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing a technological transformation, and it is imperative for the industry to leverage new technologies to generate, collect, and track novel data. With the wealth of new data, the onus is on the system to turn it into relevant information that helps researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and consumers better understand states of both disease and health. Digital biomarkers are an opportunity to translate new data sources into informative, actionable insights. In this report, we provide an overview of and glimpse into the emerging space of digital biomarkers.

The path to adoption is not an easy one. Digital biomarkers will, at a minimum, face the same regulatory challenges as traditional biomarkers. But not all digital biomarkers are created equally. There is great potential to apply digital biomarkers to medical domains that are not well understood, such as psychiatry and neurology, especially if digital biomarkers are combined into phenotypic signatures. Establishing insightful relationships is only the first step before the industry can truly capitalize on the value of digital biomarkers. Challenges around evidence generation, infrastructure, incentives, and workflow remain.

The question remains to be answered—will digital biomarkers be better tools to help understand health and disease?


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