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The Future Use Case of Voice Biomarkers

What if with a simple analysis of your voice, technology could detect the potential of current or future illnesses? The modifications in voice, usually undetectable by human hearing, are now being researched to find early signs of health issues.

Patients affected by Parkinson’s disease for example experience loss of voice volume and begin to speak with haste. In schizophrenia, the words in sentences lose the connection between each other. Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease express themselves with longer pauses between words, or have trouble in finding their words and often replace the nouns with pronouns such as "that" and "it."

Using machine learning algorithms and vocal analysis technology, researchers, medical specialists and health tech companies are introducing to the world the future of voice biomarkers.

Voice biomarkers represent voice data used for detecting alterations in health. The voice is a complex result of our muscles and brain working together with maximum precision. Mild or severe modifications in voice and language can be an indicator of various diseases, making vocal biomarkers a noninvasive tool for detecting and tracking these diseases.


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