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Date: October 12th 4 - 6pm CET

Large pharma has played a critical role in the development of digital health as it has sought efficiency and competitive edge.


It has often provided a lifeline for small innovative companies through partnership arrangements in return for access to innovation. Revenue from established business models contrasts markedly with the risk and modest revenue from digital health associated activity; in these challenging times for digital health what will pharma do next?


We'll hear the thoughts of three expert guests on the evolving role of pharma and ask our delegates to participate in a live survey which will form the basis of a report to be shared only with the delegation. 

From AI in drug discovery to the rise (and fall?) of digital therapeutics we'll explore the digital health landscape from a pharma perspective to understand how pharma could change digital health and vice versa.

DHV-Leaders events require registration in order to participate.

This event sold out on 02.10. Please email info @ dhv-net .com to be placed on a waiting list. We typically experience cancellations therefore we will reach out when places become available. 

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Please note: Non-members may register for one event without charge in season 4 (Sept 23 - July 24). You will be invoiced a sum of 189 Euros if you register as a non-member for a second event. By registering you accept the event policies available for review during the registration process.

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Andrew Gvozdanovic



Leslie Anne Fendt


nathan cope



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