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the leaders club

The DHV-Leaders club brings together professionals in digital health

throughout the year in an interactive and entertaining virtual event series. 

Our delegates are experts and decision makers from the US and Europe

with welcome attendance from other geographies including Africa and Asia.

Our aim is to go beyond conventional conferences and webinars by creating a continuous learning & networking environment to promote innovation and collaboration.


a unique experience

Club events are warm and welcoming, professional and relaxed;

delegate feedback indicates an average score of 90% from delegates

for "how useful" and 92% for "how engaging".

Live music, discussion rooms, speed networking, expert interviews

and panel sessions are used to create unique online experiences.

Whilst we offer an entertaining and efficient way to make new contacts our

unique format helps to establish new relationships in a virtual environment.

interactive output

The DHV-Leaders club features 1:1 interviews and panel sessions with leaders in their field. 


Unlike conventional events there is every chance that you'll

interact directly with our expert speakers as well as fellow delegates.

This level of interaction and expertise allows us to use group thinking to create leading edge reports and surveys "for our delegates only."


our next event



Expert speakers from this season


Doing Digital Health Differently

Our events are easy to join. Simply click the link in the LinkedIn event page or go directly to the event page on this site. Click the registration link, accept the terms & conditions, enter some basic details and you'll find yourself in the waiting room. After a check to ensure that you'll be comfortable interacting with a senior delegation, you'll be there!...  but please ensure that you're somewhere quiet and private to enjoy the full benefit of a Club session.

If you register on the LinkedIn event site, we'll send you a "what to expect" pdf to help you prepare for what could be a very different online experience. Don't worry if you miss this; your hosts are warm and welcoming and will walk you through the different aspects of a DHV-Leaders Club event.

DHV-Leaders Club events feature great speakers to help our members explore the changing world of digital health and expand their networks. With 2 to 3 speakers per event, that's a lot of expertise!  


Each event contains a mixture of members and non members; we welcome non-members via one free ticket per season. As such, everyone can be involved with the DHV-Leaders Club and our members get to meet hundreds of new faces across the year.

That said, all delegates must be affiliated with a legal entity and senior enough to interact comfortably within an international network made up of leaders from industry, academia, third sector and healthcare professionals.

Much more than a webinar, TED talk or Conference

online events

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Expert Interviews

& Panel Sessions

Our networking sessions feature expert guests that are interviewed either in a 1:1 "fireside chat" or in a lively 2 person panel. Our round tables typically involve 2 expert guests in a conversational format where we mix questions from the delegation with hosted discussion in these hour long sessions. 


Discussion Rooms

& Speed Networking

Our speed networking sessions rapidly introduce experts and decision makers in an efficient and highly enjoyable process that results in more relevant contacts than networking at coffee breaks or on conference stalls at physical events.

Our break out rooms provide an intimate environment that promotes discussion seeded by our expert guests. As a real bonus, there's every chance that you'll find yourself in a room with one of our guest speakers!



Whilst physical events can be useful, they can be time consuming and expensive when considering travel, accommodation and subsistence. The DHV-Leaders Club offers a cost effective and time efficient alternative.


Networking is an essential aspect of professional life and yet the associated consumption of resources involved has a significant impact on the planet. The DHV-Leaders Club offers a green and arguably more effective approach.



Our events promote interaction and discussion but we are highly respectful of your privacy. Recording is prohibited. Only you decide whether to share your details with other delegates. We check profiles of those seeking to join an event. DHV-NET is GDPR compliant. 




Just a few of our satisfied delegates

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Thanks so much for today’s invite. In order to attend I had to cancel going to the  **** event today and I am so glad I did. It was superb.  Usually, nothing beats in person events.  But well-curated virtual events like yours with stimulating people and discussion, beats generic in-person conferences.


You put together an incredible group of people and the moderation was really good. Right rhythm, right topics and right people.  To top it all, the music was lovely too.  Just what we all needed on a Thursday afternoon.

April 2022

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We offer a range of membership options for the

DHV-Leaders Club. Please email info at dhv-net .com for enquiries.

  • Meet your future collaborators, customers, investors or employers.

  • Gain cutting edge insight from real leaders in the field.

  • Save time, money and the planet whilst pursuing your professional interests.

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