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GTM Master class

For more than 7 years, Steven Dodsworth (CEO: DHV-NET) has hosted 'Go To Market Strategy' sessions with senior teams from a wide range of digital health companies based on a novel method specifically designed to address the challenges of the digital health landscape.


DHV-NET now offers group master classes based on this bespoke method; high value and affordable option to develop go to market strategy. 


Working with groups of 3-6 companies, these virtual sessions are arranged at regular intervals throughout the year.

We can help you focus on a particular geography or at a global level.


The Approach

Session 1: Identifying opportunity. You will learn how to use categories to generate a comprehensive list of relevant potential buyers and routes to market (typically between 30 and 50 opportunities).


Session 2: Assessment. You will learn to use a method to efficiently assess these diverse opportunities by consensus working, utilising the knowledge and expertise within your team.

Session 3: Prioritisation. You will learn how to prioritise these options into actionable categories that match your resources and how to turn this output into a draft strategy. We will share an approach to strategy verification.

our Guarantee

DHV Master classes are arranged when sufficient expressions of interest have been received to populate a class.


Please register your interest HERE without obligation.


The method is not suitable for every product or service and with this in mind we talk to interested parties to assess the suitability of the process to their product/service.


We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Please use the form below to enquire or contact us on info @ dhv-net .com.


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