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Steven Dodsworth

Steven is a scientist, entrepreneur and executive with extensive experience gained through technical and commercial roles both in employment and as a founder.

He has a Ph.D In molecular immunology and joined the Sanger Centre in the early 90s, recruited by Sir John Sulston, to become one of the first 10 scientists on the human genome project where he became involved in high throughput automation and developed an early understanding of the delicate relationship between technology, people and change.

In the late 90s, Steven was head hunted by Eric Lander but instead of joining the Broad Institute, he used his knowledge of automation and genomics in a start-up that was subsequently acquired for $90M+ some ten years later. During this time, he was mentored by a highly experienced CEO in American Civil War strategy as applied to business and became fascinated by strategy, taking on roles as commercial executive and group-wide consultant.

Steven joined an agency of the Scottish Government where he launched possibly the first European digital health strategy in 2009. He was able to influence a wide range of stakeholders to establish digital health as a priority for the agency, the region and Scotland as a whole, successfully lobbying at a national level for its inclusion into the Life Science strategy in 2012. Appearing on the front page of the Times Business Supplement for his strategic work in the early days of digital health, Steven co-founded "D Health" in 2013 (a business designed to support the growth of  digital health) and left a legacy which is still evident in regional and national activity; a multimillion impact on the region being verified by an independent evaluation.


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Over the next 7 years Steven built an international network by assisting organizations in operational and strategic assignments working with clients across Europe and the US. He has consistently identified major trends and issues ahead of time as evidenced in a string of white papers, workshops and conference presentations.

When the pandemic hit, Steven launched a virtual event series within months of lockdown which has allowed thousands of decision makers and experts from across the globe to connect and learn from leaders in the field of health technology. During this time he was selected from a large pool of mentors (industry executives and investors) to act as a "supermentor" for EIT to help leading digital health companies in Europe prepare for investment.

Steven moved to France in 2022 to establish a new business, DHV-NET, to provide support to the digital health industry based on his extensive, knowledge, experience and expertise in the sector.

I’m not an advisor or influencer but I have learnt how to help entrepreneurs and management teams make the best decisions for their circumstances by adhering to basic business principles and by sharing my understanding of the unique dynamics of digital health.


Below are some of the organisations that I've supported in many different ways over the years."

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