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Updated: May 26, 2023

Leading European digital health companies and funding status Dashboard | EIT Health Startups TRIALS, EVIDENCE & REGULATION PhaseV: Input from users and clinicians is essential in the development of new digital health sol

User involvement is an important phase in the development of new solutions in healthcare. A digital health solution should fit into the... HEALTHCARE From Pain Points to Pain Relief – user-centricity in health innovation

Digital Health strategist and CCIO Advisory Panel member Dr Lia Ali discusses how bringing user-centricity into health innovation could... COMPANIES & INVESTORS High Street giant Boots is taking digital healthcare to the people

The top team behind Boots’ big move into digital healthcare services explain why it will deliver benefits for their customers and the... COMPANIES & INVESTORS Trends in digital health: Key challenges in technology and life sciences commercial partnerships

This article is the second in our "Trends in digital health" series. Digital health partnerships between Technology and Life Sciences... WEARABLES Risky Business of Health Trackers: What Digital Health Leaders Need to Know

As the population ages globally, monitoring various chronic and acute diseases has become increasingly important, and the medical... TRIALS, EVIDENCE & REGULATION Digital-health companies in Europe need better proof that their products work

Digital health tech on the rise in neurology trials Digital health tech on the rise in neurology trials | pharmaphorum COMPANIES & INVESTORS Accelerating customer-centric innovation in medtech

Investing in understanding the needs of customers and the healthcare ecosystem in the early stages of innovation can boost performance... EXPERT INTERVIEWS DIgital Twins: Zahid Ali, Techmedo

Zahid Ali: Founder Techmedo Q1: What makes you take an interest in digital twins given you... EXPERT INTERVIEWS Digital Twins: Wahbi El-Bouri, University Of Liverpool

Wahbi El-Bouri: Tenure Track Fellow University Of Liverpool Q1: How did you become involved...

Benedikt von Thüngen: CEO & Founder Sanome Q1: You’ve been involved with DTs for some while... MENTAL HEALTH How to Use Digital Health Apps for Mental Health

Digital health apps have become a game-changer in the healthcare industry and are widely used to manage and improve mental health. These... AI The FDA Regulatory Landscape For AI In Medical Devices

In recent years, the digitalization of the healthcare industry has been accelerated to meet demands for smarter devices and robotics,... MENTAL HEALTH 'Horribly Unethical': Startup Experimented on Suicidal Teens on Social Media With Chatbot

Koko, a mental health nonprofit, found at-risk teens on platforms like Facebook and Tumblr, then tested an unproven intervention on them... DIGITAL THERAPEUTICS DTA Releases ‘DTx Integration & Workflow Report’

Digital therapeutics (DTx) have the potential to fill gaps in care for people and their families across the world. As a new category of... COMPANIES & INVESTORS Crucial Business Model Elements for Medical Device Startup Companies in Emerging Markets

Medical devices that suit the needs and challenges of low- and middle-income countries are desperately needed. To provide sustainable... WEARABLES What Women Want Out of Wearables

Movano Health’s survey of 1,000 U.S. women reveals that data accuracy is critical for those considering a wearable to help them manage... HEALTHCARE A Digital-First Approach to Care Redesign

As hospital leaders consider how to innovate and improve patient care in the middle of lingering workforce shortages, they might consider... TELEHEALTH & REMOTE MONITORING Best Buy teams up with Atrium Health to set up in-home hospital care

Best Buy Health is known to provide world-class technology and systems for advanced healthcare. Now it is helping the health industry... CHANGE & INNOVATION Qualitative study on the role of innovation ecosystems in supporting ‘Internet of Things’

Internet of Things (IoT) innovations such as wearables and sensors promise improved health outcomes and service efficiencies. Yet, most...

Good mental health is imperative for one’s wellbeing. While clinical mental disorder treatments exist, self-care is an essential aspect...

The digital era has brought a range of opportunities and methodological advances for comprehending, predicting, and averting suicidal...

Modern Healthcare reporters take a deep dive with leaders in the industry who are standing out and making a difference in their...

To inform the design process of future mHealth tools, it is important to investigate the design features that can yield effective user...

University students are vulnerable to mental health issues such as anxiety. This study examined the efficacy of ICBT for treating anxiety...

A clear need for our healthcare workforce is to continually adapt to meet the needs of the society it serves. Health Education England...

Maria Lopes, MD, MS, and Amy McMichael, MD, discuss how payers can incentivize patients’ use of digital health tools to monitor the...

Understanding the Challenges of Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Hospital companies struggled last year but that's not stopping health systems from spending on technology. Indeed, intensifying...

For many in the digital health space, the pandemic years were ones of increased funding, new startups and loose money. Recently, a...

1 605 669 Datasets European public sector datasets 176 Catalogues Datasets grouped by catalogue 36 Countries Explore datasets by country... DATA Deploying open data tools and standards to support UNICEF global public indicators

How are UNICEF data considered global public goods? Knowledge is a classic example of a global public good. As part of its mission to... HEALTHCARE Medicaid: Overview of The Emerging Startup Market

A dive into the Medicaid market and startups looking to transform health care for the population. TL;DR: the first half of this article... COMPANIES & INVESTORS Introducing the digital health tech stack

So you’re starting a digital health company. If you’re providing care to patients as part of the experience, you’ll have a lot of... COMPANIES & INVESTORS Market Map: Digital Healthcare Infrastructure

$4.3T is spent on healthcare in the US, approximately 18.3% of its GDP. And it’s growing. Here’s why it’s a great time to build the picks... TRIALS, EVIDENCE & REGULATION Catalog of Regulatory Pathway Resources

The DiMe Digital Health Regulatory Pathways team has developed three interactive toolkits and a glossary to aid your understanding of... TRIALS, EVIDENCE & REGULATION A rising tide lifts all boats: Navigating digital health regulation

By nature, digital health innovation is pushing the envelope, often operating in a gray zone where regulatory requirements may be... METAVERSE TECH: VR, AR, TWINS, BCHN Introduction to NFTs in Healthcare: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have recently garnered a lot of attention in the fields of gaming, art, and sports. Did you... WEARABLES The Future of Medical Wearables: Trendy or Useful Medical Applications? [Infographic]

Advancements in wearable technologies invite new risks, including privacy and network concerns. So where does that leave medical... ENGAGEMENT AND BEHAVIOUR Behavior Hacking, Prevention, and Wellness: Why the Future of Healthcare Still Depends on People

No matter how much data the AI has on you, missing is the personal relationship. Emerging tech, wearables—all that is great. But at the...

Three Grand Challenges in Personalized Medicine Frontiers | N-of-1 Healthcare: Challenges and Prospects for the Future of Personalized...

As regulatory processes and reimbursements are refined, there needs to be a continued focus on how to maximize the benefits for patients...

Legal due diligence is the process by which a potential venture capital investor (an Investor) reviews certain legal docu


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