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The Digital Health Virtual Network (DHV-NET) provides opportunities for learning and interaction coupled with high quality information.

We help senior decision makers to develop a broad understanding of digital health and in-depth knowledge in areas of special interest.

DHV-NET provides an efficient, novel and engaging way to maintain an up to date understanding and network in this broad and fast-moving field.


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beth wolff


Beth Wolff is the Chief Commercial Officer at Brain+ in Copenhagen, a digital therapeutics company developing products for the detection and treatment of dementia. Since 2017, Brain+ has been collaborating with neurologists from Denmark, Oxford, and Nottingham to develop digital products to detect early onset of dementia and to treat mild to moderate dementia, with a focus on Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2020, Brain+ partnered with researchers and clinicians in Denmark to digitalize an evidenced based group therapy, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), targeting people with mild to moderate dementia. CST uses psychosocial interaction to stimulate cognition and create new associations via existing memories, stimulation of memory networks, and imagination for people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. It also works to increase the quality of the patient’s interaction with their caregivers, as it facilitates a structured way to engage socially. The product is currently being clinically validated and will be sold to public healthcare providers, and the screener for early detection is currently awaiting publication of data from its first study.


Prior to joining Brain+, Beth led teams within business intelligence and commercial excellence at Novo Nordisk, Sandoz, and LEO Pharma. At Sandoz, Beth was the European Commercial Lead developing the strategy to launch the digital therapeutics product Sandoz in-licensed from Pear Therapeutics. This was a first of its kind experience as it was the first digital therapeutic approved by the FDA and was the first partnership in Europe between a major pharmaceutical company and a digital therapeutics company. Since then, Beth has mentored for EIT Health, an EU funded initiative to accelerate start-ups within digital health, and has been developing the commercial strategy and engaging strategic partners to bring Brain+ products to the market.


Originally from Chicago, Beth has spent the last 25 years working and studying in various countries around Europe and Russia. This was originally to support the goal of a career in international politics but after landing in healthcare, Beth has dived deep into the world of patients and doctors and how healthcare can be optimized now through digital medicine. To support this, Beth is currently, slowly, completing a MSc at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and dreaming of the day when digital medicine has created efficiencies and reach not possible under traditional medicine.

dario motti


Dario Motti is a Global Principal Scientist at Roche, part of the Digital Health Technology (DHT) Team in the Personalized Healthcare Center of Excellence. Dario has a Master in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Trieste, Italy and a PhD in Molecular Neuroscience from the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA/ISAS). During his training years, Dario’s interest focused on the genomic basis of neurological diseases. Throughout his career, Dario has always been driven by a strong scientific curiosity, producing a substantial body of publications in various topics from genomics, gene therapy, and neurodegeneration.


After his PhD, he joined the Miami Project To Cure Paralysis at the University of Miami, where he further developed his interest in Big Data and in the integration of diverse data sources. He then moved to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where he joined the Gene Therapy department, supporting, among others, the first Gene Therapy Program for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which was eventually acquired and commercialized by Novartis. During that time, he had his first encounter with digital health, developing a digital biomarker of mobility to measure treatment efficacy in SMA patients. Fascinated by the possibilities offered by digital tools to improve patients’ life, he left academia to understand the process of developing software. He joined ASRC Federal, leading teams and projects to develop software solutions for data analysis for major US government agencies. After that experience, he arrived at Roche, first in the Digital Biomarker team, where he focused on the development, validation and deployment of remote monitoring solutions in support of the company’s clinical programs. In his current position in Personalized Healthcare, Dario supports the development and clinical evaluation of Digital Devices (e.g., DTx, Remote Monitoring tools) to improve the life of patients affected by neurological and neurodegenerative conditions.

valery risson

Valéry Risson, Ph.D. is the director of HEOR in the neuroscience franchise of Novartis where he is responsible for supporting the pipeline by developing evidence strategies and executing innovative, data-driven analytic plans relevant to pipeline products.


Dr Risson brings with him a broad development and healthcare expertise, in both the US and Europe, with over 20 years of development, commercial and strategic experience. He has worked in diverse organizations including start-ups, consulting, large technological and pharma companies.


Most recently, he led the Health Economic and Outcomes Research center of excellence in Novartis to become a reference for innovation in advanced analytics.


His area of expertise covers a variety of topics including decision analytics for drug development, portfolio management, health economics, evidence synthesis and digital health.


Dr Risson holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Paris, school of Mines, France and an MBA from IESE from Barcelona, Spain.

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