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COVID-19 Accelerated Use of Digital Therapeutics, but Coverage Issues and Regulatory Questions Could

  • About 35 to 40 digital therapeutics have been approved by the FDA since 2017, though the agency doesn’t have a specific definition for the products.

  • 73% of U.S. adults described digital health tools as convenient, while 60% said they are safe and 56% said they are accurate.

  • 42% of adults said artificial intelligence can help clinicians deliver better health care, while 21% said AI can make it more difficult to provide quality care.

Digital therapeutics — clinically tested tools that deliver medical interventions via software — have been gaining traction for years, with products that treat a range of conditions, including diabetes, mental health issues and cancer. Now, the digital health field’s explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic is helping these companies carve out a space for their products, but the young sector still faces regulatory and payer-side challenges that could slow its widespread adoption.


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