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Mid-Q2’22 Report: State of Venture

Following a cool down in global funding in Q1’22, global venture investment has continued to decline in Q2’22 so far, with quarterly falls in dollars, exits, and unicorn births in sight.

Global venture funding fell to $142.4B in Q1’22, down by a fifth from the previous quarter’s total.

As economic uncertainty lingers on and investors tighten their belts, the private market’s downward trajectory appears to be continuing full force in Q2’22. In fact, at the current pace of activity, global funding for the second quarter is projected to decrease by 19% quarter-over-quarter.

Deal activity is trending down as well — deals are on track for a 22% drop from Q1’22, a 7-quarter low for global venture deals.

Global funding for retail tech is on pace to drop by 50% in Q2’22, with fintech and digital health showing a QoQ decline of 28% and 25%, respectively.


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