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developing a
digital health 

innovation strategy 

competing at the leading edge

  • How can your organization compete using digital health technology?

  • Does your company need cutting-edge innovation to create new products and services?

  • Are you looking to enhance your product or service range by embracing digital health?

  • Do you need a strategy to help you become "a digital health company"?

  • Would your marketing function benefit from new ways of thinking and delivery?

  • Do you need new skills, expertise and strategic insight to advance your career in health technology?​​​​

If you can identify with any of these questions,

please study the 6 week program structure below.

An inverse rolling framework

Defining scope

From strategic objectives to MVP

OFI analysis

 Learning & dissemination sub-strategy

Commercial leadership
The role of HR and RnD

L&D & objectives

Purpose & vision

Your strategy as a brand
Stakeholder mapping
The communication matrix

module 1: a strategic framework

module 2: Getting Buy-in

module 3: up-skilling

module 4: GOVERNANCE

Mapping & matching to existing structures
The need for new SMART structures
Stakeholder roles
The role of external parties

module 5: Ecosystems

module 6: Measuring success

Creating a dashboard

Effective review

Objective measurement

Implementation & project management

The role of the ecosystem

Strategic aims

Partners & outsourcing

Building your own ecosystem

Creating A Digital Health Innovation Strategy

insider insight

The program is led by DHV-NET's strategy lead, Steven Dodsworth who featured on the front page of The Times business supplement for his pioneering work in digital health strategy over a decade ago. He has since founded 3 companies in the space and has become an experienced consultant and mentor to management teams in leading organizations. Steven shares his knowledge and understanding of the components required to build successful digital health innovation strategy based on learning from over 3 decades operating in the life sciences and digital health.

 Digital health has unusual dynamics and presents a unique challenge to strategists working in the field. If are you tasked with helping your organisation embrace digital health or you need new skills and experience to advance your career, this program can provide essential learning unavailable from any other source. In addition to gaining "insider insights" into digital health you will learn how to adopt a framework approach to strategy development based on tried and tested principles.

This program is designed for representatives from  pharma , medtech and tech companies who require the skills and knowledge to help their organization benefit from  digital health-related innovation and is delivered either through 1:1 mentorship or group learning.

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